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Do we have any gigs, Murray?

Flight of the Conchords Tour '08
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A community dedicated to the Flight of the Conchords U.S. tour
they're heeere!!!

And they're going on tour! That's where conchords08 comes in. The community is here to keep you up to date on the when, where, and OMGSQUEE!!! of the Conchords U.S. tour.

All of the shows have their own post. Links to each post are in the sidebar. Any relevant information posted in the comments will be added in to the main post for everybody to see.

The community has moderated posting right now to keep us from having an influx of "OH HAI, I HAVEN'T READ A SINGLE POST BUT I RLY NEED 2 KNOW WHEN TIX R ON SALE LOLZ." posts. I hate that shit.

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