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08 May 2008 @ 05:19 pm
Columbus, OH - May 16th Tickets  
hello fellow conchords fans! i am super excited for the upcoming concerts....(i'm going to the one in chi-town! hooray)....and well....i bought 3 tickets to the show in Columbus at the Value City arena...and i found out i can't go! :( i'm very saddened by this, but i thought that maybe someone on here would want these tickets! they are reaaaallllly great seats!

3 seats: Section F3, Row R, Seats 1, 2, 3
hooray main floor. bummer i can't go.  so for the seats i'm asking $135 (it cost me $124.70, so the extra $10 would cover paypal fees and shipping to you!) payment would be sent through paypal...fun fun.

i would really prefer to sell these to a true conchord fan rather than going on ebay or craigslist....sooo if anyone is interested, shoot me an email or leave a comment! 

bb0324 AT wayne DOT edu
Current Music: flight of the conchords - ladies of the world