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06 May 2008 @ 10:55 am
Philly show recap  
Hey everyone!! Last night was such a delightful evening! I made quite a few notes on my cell phone to recap. Here are the songs they played in almost the exact order:

Inner City Pressure
Most Beautiful Girl in the Room
Think About It
New Song (Boys kept saying Stick Around in the song so I'm assuming that's the title)
Bus Drivers Song
Business Time
Bret You've Got It Goin On
Hiphopotamus vs Rhymenoceros
New Song (I'm assuming it's called Get Freaky)
Ladies of the World
Angels (Encore song)
I'm Not Cryin (Encore #2 song)

Some other things to mention:

-Before Eugene Mirman came on they played Crowded House
-Eugene had a good 20 minute set. Had some good jokes about the Pennsylvania Primary, Speeding Tickets, What to do when you encounter a bear.
-Bret had to turn off his cell phone after the first song. It was cute and funny.
-For the first new song Jemaine read off his bit of paper to remember the lyrics.
-They asked if anyone was at their show last year--very little cheers. It was funny because I remember they played Philly before season 1 premiered.
-Bret messed up in the beginning of Mutha'uckas--very funny
-Jemaine joked about how they should do some cover songs and someone yelled out Freebird and Jemaine proceeded to sing a few bars of that
-The second new song--Bret played the keytar and went down to the first two rows.
-Crowd begged for Foux da fa fa but Jemaine said they didn't practice that
-The 1983 Casio DG-20 Electric Guitar was next to Bret's chair but they didn't play Boom. I was kinda disappointed with that.
-After the show David Bowie's Changes was played in the building

Here's a link to a pic on my flickr. I have other pics there in my photostream so check them out:

I also took a few videos:

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kathy727 on May 7th, 2008 02:32 pm (UTC)
I left right after the show. But I heard they stayed around and signed autographs and took pics.